Following 12 joyous years together and a small ceremony at the Chateau de Nyon on 1st November 2019, we are delighted to announce our marriage.

We look forward to celebrating with friends & family in a series of gatherings over the coming year(s). 

In the meantime, click on the first song so Etta James can put you in the mood to enjoy photos of the wedding day – our heartfelt thanks to those who were with us.

Beatrice & Luiz

Mon amour m’a appris à être

Simple comme une place de l’église.


Oswald de Andrade – Pau Brasil

Viver? Ora, viver é cumprir sonhos.

To live?

Surely, to live is to see dreams fulfilled.


Mia Couto – Tuner of Silences

Arriving at the Chateau de Nyon - Luiz & Bea - Millie in the background
Luiz looking dapper
Friends gathering - Anne-Catherine & Charles, Olivier & Stefanie
Nephew Ludovic - rare shot as he was for the most part the one taking the pictures
We meet the lady who will marry us, joined by our witnesses Roland / Roli and Esther
Smiling Luiz - Beatrice messing with the music
The wonderful lady who officiated, wearing the white and green of Vaud
Luiz and Bea with our witnesses - that's my brother Roli
Friends - Pierre-André, Carolyne, Alida, Gaby, and Thanh Nang in the background
Let the proceedings begin - Christiane, my father, Boyce and Alex in the background
She made us stand, but she put us at ease, full of warmth and grace
We're married! Christine, Esther, Charles, Stefanie, my father, Walter, and Roli
Exchange of rings, or 'alliances' as the French call them
With rings on their fingers... Sylvia and Christiane in the background
Signing on the dotted line - Claudine in the background
Witness - brother Roli with his flourishing signature
Our beloved witnesses - Roli / Roland and Esther
Friends & family - Alex, (niece) Matilda, Gaby, and just visible, Millie
Boyce reads a poem by Raymond Carver (see below)
Anne-Catherine reads a quotation from Dante (see below)
Mme Roselia Schütz Nobre Formiga reads us a poem by Charles Aznavour (will try to upload it!)
Bea with Anne-Catherine & Charles and Walter with Mme Roselia

And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth.

Raymond Carver – Late Fragment

But now, just like a wheel

That spins so evenly it measures time

By space, the deepest wish that I could feel

And all my will, were turning with the love

That moves the sun and all the stars above.


Dante – Paradiso

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