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Potential fulfilled, that’s what drives me – working with creative, questing people, projects and organizations, to contribute to a flourishing and slightly saner world, and to inspire more sustainable business models, products and services. Thanks for visiting – please get in touch if I can help create or cascade solutions.  A quick tour of skills and strengths…


Business development & relationship management


Winning and maintaining key accounts – building long-term, trusting relationships across diverse cultures and among high level decision makers, including clients and partners, by:


  • Rapidly creating and communicating tailored value propositions – allowing clients or potential clients to navigate, grasp and fully benefit from complex offerings.
  • Effectively operating across a broad spectrum of business sectors and commercial interests – managing a client base and pipeline of potential clients across 20+ sectors and 35+ countries.
  • Quickly establishing authentic and warm personal rapports – even across geographic distance and cultural difference.
Cultural fluency - trilingual English, Chinese, French

Marked sensitivity to differing cultural expectations, particularly as a bridge between East and West – fluent in Chinese after 7 years living, working and studying in China and Taiwan and 10 years studying Chinese language and civilization at Leeds, Edinburgh and Shanghai (Fudan) universities.  

Combined with a mini-UN family backdrop – English, Hungarian-Swiss, Italian, Chinese, French and Brazilian.

Sustainable business & design

Especially concerning design and innovation of new products, services and business models, having worked:


  • 10+ years as a consultant to the UK’s Design Council and the EU-China Environmental Management Cooperation Programme and
  • 8+ years helping hundreds of multinational companies make full use of the World Business Council for Sustainable Business to develop ‘business solutions for a sustainable world’.
Compelling communications

A natural communicator equally strong in writing, speaking and listening; presenting complex concepts or offerings with engaging freshness, adapted to different audiences; sifting piles of information for nuggets that can spark light bulbs of the mind; an award-winning author known for lapidary English and subtle wit.

Interpersonal skills

Warmth, authenticity, tact and integrity; self starter and standard setter in quality and professionalism; humour and charm to engage and disarm.  I believe in the power of kindness, spontaneous or structured, unleashed for positive ends – one of the most rewarding and demanding approaches never mentioned in management books.   In sum: good karma, no drama.

Project incubation & management

I have set up or run a range of projects for clients and employers, including:


  • Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0 (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) as acting Director working with 15 global corporations across the mobility spectrum, moving from initial scoping to fully-fledged USD 4.5m project in under a year, and leading the recruitment of permanent staff.
  • Young at Art (Design Council) – a Design Council and London Institute collaboration on experimental art workshops for disadvantaged children, raising their awareness of environmental issues.
  • Science, Technology and Reading (STAR*) – combining science and poetry to deliver science, technology and reading requirements in UK schools, in partnership with the Design Council, Royal Society of Chemists, Institute of Physics, and Esso.
Limpid thinking

Clarity and creativity in thought combined with (un)common sense; teasing structure and simplicity out of complexity; strategic and lateral thinking to connect people and ideas, expand options and solve problems.

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‘You saved the organization.’

‘You have performed miracles.’

‘Extremely strong contributor across the board.’

‘High calibre across all skills and competencies.’

‘You own all the relationships.’

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‘Often sees what needs to be done well ahead of others.’

‘Creative and adept at problem solving – particularly apparent in exchanges that demand political sensitivity and diplomatic wizardry.’

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‘Impeccable, written and oral, she sets the standard for the organization and few can follow her lead.’

‘Total commitment, self starter, perfectionist.’

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‘Does the job of four people.’

We took two jobs, we merged them, we added a big chunk of another job, and we’ve kept on adding ever since.’

‘You do more in a day than most consultants do in a week.’

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‘Beguiling manner and winning way that works with colleagues and companies.’

‘Great style and warmth with colleagues and members.’

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‘A true selfless leader, a rare exception.’

‘The glue that holds this fragile organization together.’

‘Always optimistic – she keeps the organization going.’

‘Plays a very key role in ensuring a culture of customer focus cascades across the organization.’

‘Colleagues look to her for guidance and support, she is a trusted confidante among the staff and her opinion is frequently sought by member companies.’

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‘One of the top three value adding people in the organization.’

‘Works incredibly hard with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness; her contributions are among the highest I have seen.’

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